Stimulate your cat’s mind and hunting instincts with the Play N Squeak range for cats. The fun, interactive toys features realistic mouse sounds for cats to stalk, pounce on and play with, while the ability to add catnip makes it irresistible.


Thrill of The Chase

Featuring the RealMouse® sound with a catnip scent, your cat will be enticed by the lifelike and stimulating characteristics of this toy as it squeaks and spins.

Pack Size: x1
Catnip Flipper (3 on a card)

Unpredictable bounce, clatter, skitter, and skid for playtime and healthy exercise. The savoury scent of catnip heightens the excitement!

Pack Size: x1
Shake Y'r Tail Feather

Designed to imitate a mouse in the wild, the OurPets® Shake Y’R Tail FeatherTM cat toy is made of fur and feather textures that are appealing to cats. These textures paired with a delightful catnip aroma and RealMouse® sound make for an instinct fulfilling play experience that cats won’t be able to resist.

Pack Size: x1
Twice the Mice

Gives you two toys in one package! By combining lifelike looks, textures, and the RealMouse® sound, these two mice give your cat a realistic hunting experience. Awakening your cat’s hunter instincts provide them with healthy mental and physical stimulation.

Pack Size: x1
Wooly Mouse

This fuzzy toy provides plenty of mental and physical stimulation by appealing to those instinctual needs. The Wooly MouseTM has appealing textures, the RealMouse® sound, and a catnip scent to encourage fulfilling play.

Pack Size: x1
Catch of the Day

Featuring a bouncing finger band for interactive and lively play, as well as a realistic mouse squeak when batted, this is a great way to entertain both you and your cat.

Pack Size: x1
Backyard Fox

In a variety of adorable styles to please any cat, the Backyard Friends collection features an assortment of catnip-scented toys that chirp when batted, bringing forth kitty’s hunting instinct and providing her plenty of healthy exercise.

Pack Size: x1
Wand Bounce 'n' Play

Designed to provide your cat with instinct fulfilling play by appealing to your cat’s senses with the original RealMouse® sound, lifelike textures and looks, and a stimulating catnip scent.

Pack Size: x1
Mouse Hunter

Everything about the OurPets® MouseHunter® is designed to imitate a mouse in the wild. The look, the feel, and the RealMouse® sound all provide a realistic hunting experience for your cat. These features combined with a pinch of catnip makes for instinct fulfilling play.

Pack Size: x1
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