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The Original CarPET!

James & Steel are pleased to announce that we are now the sole UK distributer of the original CarPET!

Ideal for the home & car, this products efficiently removes pet hair incredibly easy! This item is incredibly popular world wide and we feel privileged to have an exclusive deal with CarPET to offer this item to all existing, and new customers.

The CarPET Pet Hair Remover is so simple and easy to use: simply hold one side of the rubber block flat on the surface and brush it lightly towards you. You do not need to push hard or force it as the pet hairs, fluff and fuzz will naturally gather on the block.

This product produces no static, is washable, super durable and has no odour and stickiness, and is ideal for the home, car, carpets & upholstery.

If you’re interested in stocking the CarPET, please get in contact with us and we will assist you further.

- J&S

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