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Bubble Dog - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Bubble Dog reinvents playtime! We have created a range of bubble guns & accessories that will transform the way you play and interact with your dog forever.

Bubble Dog creates unique, interactive play time for you and your dog. Our products require full interaction from the owner meaning play time becomes much more personal and one to one. This kind of play time will help to form a bonding relationship with you and your dog. Plus, tennis balls are over-rated, challenge your dog with bubbles, they’re designed to be popped!

Our Bubbles are peanut butter scented, super strong and super colourful. We have worked hard to create a non-toxic formulation that is safe for dogs & humans.

Our product range consists of 2 battery operated mega blasters, 2 manual bubble guns (one for dogs, one for cats), tough, touchable bubbles & a supersize bubble gun, to see the products in action, check out this video:

Bubble Dog is so much fun for all dogs, blow bubbles high into the air and watch your dog chase, jump & pop the crazy shower of bubbles! It’s great fun and great exercise!

Also available for cats in Vanilla flavour!

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