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Sötnos Safety - Coming Soon!

Here at James & Steel we take the safety of our pets and your pets very seriously. We like to mix the fashionable with the practical and come up with something that looks stylish but keeps your pet safe.

Check out our new sötnos safety harness, unlike most harnesses that can only be used in the car, our harness has been specially designed to be great for walks as well. You simply just unclip the harness from the car and continue on your journey.

Special features include:

-Four Point adjustable system: meaning that you can anchor down your dog no matter whats its shape of size.

-ABS Plastic Buckles: for easy and convenient release

-Comfy padding to help your dog feel comfortable and at ease during their journey in the car and on foot.

-Grab handle: making it easier to restrain your dog, made of triple stitched continuous nylon, making it super hard to break.

-Reflective detailing and logo: for those late night/ early morning walks in style

-Training attachment: for puppies, to help with there training

We also have a brand new and improved design, travel safe lead, to restrain your dog in the car.

It is against the law to have your dog in the car without a proper restraint, if caught you can face a hefty fine. So why risk it!

Our sötnos travel lead comes with several different buckles, for every type of car, including the ISO FIX! It is also fully adjustable to keep your dog the safest it should be.

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